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What B Corporations Do for Our Communities

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Ali Gunertem, Glenn Powell, and David O'Leary volunteering with The Nature Conservancy

The concept of a business is simple.  A business owner supplies his or her community with a product, a service, or any combination of the two. In exchange, the customers pay the business owner monetarily. This is what a for-profit business does. Business is a wonderful thing since the owner or owners make a living, while the customers are provided a beneficial product or service. However, this is only a win-win situation as long as businesses are doing more good than bad for the community. For instance, a business with factories that are severely polluting the air to manufacture a product causes more harm than good.

This where B Corporations come into play. B Corporations are held to a high standard. When this happens, business is as it should be: responsible and providing good to the community. If a company is B certified, it has earned its place in the responsible business community. The business’s methods are reviewed by a third party, so there are no tricks to becoming a B Corporation. Here are some of the things that can be expected from a B Corporation:

Social & Environmental Awareness

B Corporations operate with tremendous social and environmental awareness. This means that if a company was shown to be a polluter, as the example cited above, it would never be allowed B Corporation status. Our planet is home to all of us. That’s why it’s in everyone’s best interest to take environmental issues seriously, and support sustainable businesses. B Corporations also take the time to give back to the community.

As a B Corporation, BetterWorld Telecom strives to be a great example of what social and environmental awareness looks like when it’s put into action.  Standing behind our commitment, BetterWorld donates a percentage of revenues to several charities that focus on children, education, the environment, and fair trade. On top of that, we allow our employees to volunteer two workdays per month. Pictured above you can see BetterWorld employees Ali Gunertem, Glenn Powell, and David O’Leary volunteering at The Nature Conservancy.


Transparency is yet another high standard of all B Corporations. Far too often, we have seen that some businesses lie or deceive consumers in order to turn a larger profit. Honesty and transparency from businesses means that the customer will know not only what to truly expect from the product or service, but also from the business itself.

At BetterWorld Telecom, we are an open book. When you run your business the right way, that’s the only way to be.


Just like humans, businesses make mistakes. However, just like humans, businesses need to be held accountable for those wrongdoings. B Corporations like BetterWorld are responsible and held accountable for any mistakes or wrongdoings that may occur. This goes hand in hand with transparency and honest business practices.

At BetterWorld Telecom, we are very proud to be a B Corporation, because it demonstrates to our customers that we are proven to be accountable, transparent, and dedicated to improving our communities and environment. Could you imagine a world where all businesses were certified B Corporations?

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