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BetterWorld at N2Y4

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

n2y4_grWe just finished an incredible two days at TechSoup’s Netsquared event N2Y4.  The conference at Cisco in San Jose boasted numerous creative social entrepeneurs and visionaries who are using mobile technology to tackle the world’s most challenging problems. The main event was a competition for 50 thousand in grant prizes, between 14 amazing projects tackling issues from getting appropriate and timely info via SMS text on phones for rural farmers in Cameroon (AMISProject ) to empowering everyday citizens to report and fix the problems in their local community - like pot holes and graffiti (SeeClickFix).

Our friend Chrissy Houlahan from B Corporation was in attendance and of course our partners at TechSoup did a fabulous job making sure it went extraordinarily well. Heard from some great speakers including Vinnie Lauria of Leflora and Marc Davis from Yahoo!.

Voting Time!

The overarching message coming out of the event is that there is a tangible wave of change coming in society, through increasing the level of connection and transparency through widespread technology, citizens the world over will be empowered to address the challenges facing our world. Special kudos to Digital Democracy for their work shining a light on human rights violations in Burma and congratulations to the competition winners, Frontline SMS for their groundbreaking technology to harness the power of the most basic cell phone to help coordinate medical efforts in underserved communities.

The path towards better communities and a better quality of life is laid out, with technology as the rocket fuel to get us there; whether through brilliant mobile phone solutions in Chile and the Congo or BetterWork telecom solutions for non-profits to work more efficiently and effectively through their technology. It’s very exciting to be working on solutions that are making this world a better place.

Towards a bright future,

- Salem

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