Introducing BetterWork™ —A Sustainable Strategy to Dramatically Reduce Costs and Carbon Footprint


BetterWork™ is an enterprise-wide solution that physically provides substitutions for commuting, travel and building activities through the implementation and adoption of technologies such as voice/video/audio conferencing, virtual PBX, VoIP and unified communications — combined with connectivity and quality of service. BetterWorld is advising and implementing cloud-based voice and data solutions for organizations nationwide such as GreenpeaceUSA, Green America and Grants Management Systems as to how they can significantly reduce their operational overhead and environmental footprints, thus creating more sustainable enterprises.
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Bolstered by a long series of industry reports, from the GESI Smart 20/20 report to the World Wildlife Fund March 2009 reports on telework and travel substitution, consensus reigns that telecom carriers have the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of the U.S. and other parts of the world by up to 50% in coming decades. BetterWork™ is a major step towards that reality.

  • BetterWork™ combines VoIP, Internet, voice/web/video conferencing and Broadband connection all in an integrated, cloud-based solution to translate these messages between devices, locations, enabling a true work anywhere, anytime environment for the enterprise
  • BetterWork™ creates greater flexibility, satisfaction and productivity for employees, lower carbon emissions for the environment, and lower overhead for businesses — employees spend less time in transit and on the road, and more time working and in their communities

Two of the most interesting and innovative climate solutions that can contribute to a higher quality of life and decreased ecological footprint are virtual meetings and telecommuting.

World Wildlife Fund Report, "From Workplace to Anyplace," March 2009

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BetterWorld Presents BetterWork™ at FCC Broadband Workshop
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Number of hours Americans waste each year sitting in traffic = 4.2 billion*

- *Texas Transportation Institute "Estimated cost to the U.S. economy: $78 Billion" - American Society of Civil Engineers

Some Case Studies of BetterWork™ Concepts in Action


Background — Implemented Teleworking, on average 2 days a week for 2,000 employees
Profits — $277 million in saved costs
People — 80% of workers surveyed said teleworking improved their quality of life
Planet — 47,000 tons of carbon saved through teleworking, $10 million/year in saved fuel costs for employees

Sun Microsystems

Background — Had just over half their 19,095 employees (55% of total workforce) in their pioneering OpenWork program, working from home at least 2 days per week.
Profits — In 2007, Sun reduced their real estate holdings by 15% (2.7 million square feet) and saved $68 million in real estate costs.
Planet — reductions in building energy use and commuting saved 23,868 metric tons of CO2 in fiscal 2007.

Best Buy

Background — Adopted ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) for a majority of their corporate staff, over 75 working remotely and away from their Minneapolis HQ
Profits — 41% increase in productivity, $13 million in saved replacement costs
People — 90% decrease in employee turnover

BetterWorld-BGI BetterWork™ Concept Paper

Below is the result of the nine-month study that we commissioned from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI), which provides a street-level view of how a holistic virtualization of an organizationís communications infrastructure, increased telework, increased conferencing can have massive environmental and cost impacts for any organizations.

BetterWorld teamed up with Bainbridge Graduate Institute to develop theBetterWork™ Framework. Completed in 2009, it demonstrates the cost savings and environmental impacts for enterprises implementing Open Work philosophies. Together, we have developed an enterprise model that incorporates commuting & travel substitution; combining mobile, VPBX, Unified Communications, Conferencing and others.

To download the BetterWork™ whitepaper click here.