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Workshifting & BetterWork™ Articles & Trends

Webinar/ Videos

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Phone System? Webinar with TechSoup Global

Telegreen Your Organization - Work Remotely Webinar with TechSoup Global

TechSoup Telecom for Non-profits Program Video Short overview of BetterWorld Telecom discounted services and phone donation program with TechSoup Global

What's the Matter with My Flex Program - Life Meets Work PowerPoint with strategies for expanding flex in organizations. Ryan's Delta Emerson shares the details of Ryan LLC experience with flex work.


BetterWork ™ Whitepaper - Learn to Lower Costs and Carbon Emissions While Increasing Profits and Employee Morale


Telework Research Network - The Telework Research Network is an independent research and advisory firm that specializes in modeling the economic, societal, and environmental benefits of telework and workplace flexibility for companies and communities.

Morning Star Self-Management Institute -Organization focus to define, refine, and propagate the principles and tools of Self-Management and workplace freedom.

Telework Council of Association Commuter Transportation - Telework branch of ACT, organizations & professionals for commuting solutions & better transportation. 

World At Work: Telecommuting/Teleworking -Telecommuting news, example policies, videos, case studies from World At Work. 

Telecommuting Advantage - Consultancy for implementing alternative work programs. 

Regional Telework Resources

Web Conferencing Council | Tools comparison -Web Conferencing industry organization providing side by side comparisons & evaluations of conferencing services. 

Commuter Connections -  Commuter Connections, a program of Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, provides tools, case studies and resources about telework. 

Telework Resources | RideArrangers -Telework resources from Denver Regional Council of Governments' program, RideArrangers. 

Telework Case Studies - Oregon Department of Energy - Collection of case studies of successful telework programs in Oregon and elsewhere provided by the Oregon Department of Energy.

Commuter Challenge I Moving Business Forward - Initiative of enterpriseSeattle to reduce commuter traffic & improve business through various strategies, including telecommuting.   

Flex Work

Work Shifting - Citrix sponsored blog focused on tips and strategies for implementing flex work environments

Interagency US Government Telework - US Government resource page for telework jobs & effective implementation of telework.

The Flex Pages & Flex Matters Blog - Blog & online directory for companies offering flexible work options

Workplace Flexibility: Ensuring Success for the 21st Century - Details of White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility, to engage the business community to create a broader awareness of the positive business & employee benefits of workplace flexibility

The Business Strategy of Workplace Flexibility - CEO and Managing Principal G. Brint Ryan discusses how innovative workplace flexibility programs helped Ryan LLC become more productive and attract top talent -- leading to record revenue and profits.

Life Meets Work - Work Life Balance Programs, Flexible Work- Consultancy & online community w flexible work resources to help companies improve productivity and profitability

Flexible Work and Well-Being Study - University of Minnesota study of a Result Oriented Work Environment.

10 Myths About OpenWork - Top 10 Myths About OpenWork environments from Sun MicroSystems

What is VoIP? - Clear, quick overview of VoIP technology and all the benefits it provides.

ROWE - Results Oriented Work Environment Overview

Alternative Workplace Benchmarks 

AT&T Remote Working Report 

TechSoup Remote Work Resources

Workforce Institute