About & The Power of One


Better World Telecom was founded more than 15 years ago with a simple mission: to create social impact while providing excellent telecom service for businesses of all sizes. Today we have hundreds of clients, ranging from nonprofits to enterprise organizations, and offer a wide range of telecom solutions from different providers.

Making Telecom Simple with the Power of One

One comprehensive customized solution

One easy-to-understand bill

One personal professional relationship


One Comprehensive Customized Solution

We work with you to assess your telecom needs, and then deliver the best products for you - from cloud communications to data to voice services.

No More Countless Technicians

No More Various Contracts

One Personal Professional Relationship

Your organization can rely on our USA-based support team for all of your telecom needs, from initial setup to ongoing maintenance.

No More Vendor Coordination

No More Finger Pointing


One Easy-to-Understand Bill

Forget juggling separate payments and contracts for each of your services. We package all of your billing into just one simple statement.

No More Various Contracts

No More Headaches

BetterWorld's Values

To spoil our customers by combining exceptional service with leading-edge solutions. We are at our best - when you are at your best. Guaranteed.


Bring BetterWorld to Your Organization

You Outsource. We Manage and Deliver.

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