BetterWork: A New Strategy for Work

betterwork-logo1Congratulations and a special shout out to our Action Learning Project (ALP) team from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Manan Shukla, Desiree Williams-Rajee, Stephen Yogi Rueff, and Libby Johnson McKee – for their efforts over the past 9 months to conceive and build the case for BetterWorld’s new corporate chapter, BetterWork: A New Strategy for Work. Focusing on the environmental, organizational cost and personnel advantages inherent to BetterWork (aka Open Work or Telegreening), our ALP team presented their final results to an energetic and receptive audience this past weekend as part of the end of BGI’s 2008-09 school year.dscn62122

We have posted the presentation on our SlideShare site and will be posting the full report in the coming weeks, along with our new 2008/2009 corporate citizenship report, which will focus on these efforts and other areas that BetterWorld has been championing the past year.

Stay tuned for more information & please support BGI any way that you can so they can continue their work, turning out the leaders of the green economy:

From the The BetterWorld Team

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