10 Years of Giving Back: A Look at BetterWorld’s Charity Work

BetterWorld Telecom (BWT) has been dedicated to being America’s leading B2B, full-service, sustainable communications provider since 2003. In fact, as a B Corporation, improving the environment and our communities is one of our top priorities. 

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The Case for Buying Used Technology

People often dismiss refurbishment when it comes to technology. Everyone seeks the latest and greatest tech products. Many people fear that refurbished hardware isn’t as reliable as a brand new product. However, refurbished technology has many environmental benefits. In fact, in some cases it can be even more efficient than recycling. TechSoup notes that it…

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Guaranteed Money Saving Tips for Every Entrepreneur

Starting a new business is no easy feat and your bottom line is always a constant thought as an entrepreneur. However, for the new entrepreneur the thought can become a deep concern.  Fortunately, with numerous options you can address your concerns before they become crippling.  By thinking outside the box and implementing these tricks, you…

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Mainstream vs. Boutique Tech Providers

  When it comes to providing technology solutions, mainstream providers may seem like the only options available for your nonprofit or business. Because both companies and organizations alike rely on Internet and telecommunications to function, they can feel trapped with their providers due to long-term contracts or lack of choices. If your company or nonprofit…

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Phone Etiquette Mistakes with Customers

Just as businesses strive to make great first impressions in person, first impressions over the phone are just as crucial. When customers call in for assistance with a service or to voice a complaint, companies need to be ready to handle all situations appropriately. Employees answering customer calls should be trained to avoid some of…

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Using Tech at Work to Be More Sustainable

As a certified B Corporation, it’s important to us as an organization to continue to find new and innovative ways to improve. Being a sustainable organization means continuing to lessen our environmental impact while still providing meaningful and useful services. How can you make a difference in your office?

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How Cloud Services Can Improve Business

Cloud services and the ever-changing world of Internet technology has transformed the way companies all across the globe conduct business. The ability to share information with coworkers, customers and other businesses has become simpler and more accessible when cloud systems are put into place. A myriad of industries and business models are able to take…

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With the rapid growth and improvement of technology, companies are changing the way they do business by updating communication methods. Computers, handheld devices and even “work phones” are evolving to add to business and nonprofit growth. Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) are the traditional phone systems used by many workplaces around the world. Traditional landlines are…

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Professional new year’s resolutions, 2017, goals

Your Professional New Year’s Resolutions

Personal New Year’s resolutions such as eating healthier or getting more exercise aren’t the only type you and your employees can make this year. In fact, professional development can soar when goals have an action plan. 2017 can be your best year yet with these tips for making use of the new year’s fresh start.

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3 Telecom Trends Coming to 2017

2017 is so close we can almost feel it, and with the new year comes changes for businesses in every industry. What food trends will be on people’s plates this year? What fashion trends will take the world by storm? What will be the next big development in technology? Even the telecom industry will have…

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Office Decor: How to Foster Productivity without Stifling Creativity

When it comes to office decor, it can be hard to keep your employees focused while simultaneously fostering creativity. Many difficult questions arise when it comes to selecting an office setup and decor. Should it be open concept? Should the walls be brightly colored or neutral? All of the decisions you make combine to set…

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Office apps

Best Office Apps

Technology in the workplace can help you and your team be more efficient during the workweek. This can help with productivity and even improve your bottom line (see more ways to increase office productivity here). When it comes to tech options, new apps are continuing to pop up every day. The biggest benefit of using…

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