Office apps

Best Office Apps

Technology in the workplace can help you and your team be more efficient during the workweek. This can help with productivity and even improve your bottom line (see more ways to increase office productivity here). When it comes to tech options, new apps are continuing to pop up every day. The biggest benefit of using…

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Business Tips Before the New Year:

Getting Your Organization Ready for 2017 No matter how 2016 treated your business or nonprofit, the best part about the new year is a fresh start. Whatever struggles you may have encountered, 2017 can be your time to turn up the heat and start working on your business’ challenges and turning things around. However, you…

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Ways Businesses Can Participate in the Giving Season

The giving season isn’t just a time for individuals to give back to their communities. Businesses and nonprofits can get involved together for the greater good as well, all while helping to foster company-wide health and happiness. Take a look at some great ways to participate in the giving season with your business or nonprofit…

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Remote, Overtime, telecommuting

Monitoring Remote Workers’ Overtime

With a new federal overtime law coming into effect on December 1, some are worried that the new way of doing things may reduce telecommuting options. However, even with the new law in place, the many benefits of “Why You Should say ‘Yes’ to Employee Telecommuting” as detailed in another Betterblog, are still clear. If…

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Office communication, meetings

Improving Office Communication

In today’s world, we have so many ways to communicate with each other and this is no different in a business environment. However, what methods you use to communicate in your personal life are less important than in the business world where time is money. By improving office communication, productivity will also drastically improve (for…

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Office morale, employee

Improving Office Morale

Your employees are the backbone of your business or nonprofit. Though offering competitive wages is important, it’s not the only factor for attracting the most skilled workers. Employees care about more than just salary when looking for the right fit. Some strongly value a work environment that allows them to have a nice work-life balance…

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Paperless, sustainable business tips

Tools for Going Paperless

Whether your business or nonprofit is already partially paperless or is only at the beginning of your journey to becoming paper-free, there are tools that can help with the transition. Sustainable businesses are more productive and are better for our world, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to implement sustainable initiatives. Without the right tools…

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Galaxy Note 7, phone

The Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Everything you need to know if you’ve been relying on this device for business or personal use. The Galaxy Note 7 has officially been recalled because of a glitch that has caused many of these mobile phones to explode and cause fires. This technology blunder has become well publicized, so much so that even President…

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Why You Should Explore Your Phone System Options

The best part of having options when running a business or nonprofit is that you don’t have to settle for subpar products or services. But do you even realize when you should be exploring alternatives? One argument to sticking with the same old same old is that businesses and nonprofits simply don’t have the time…

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How to Achieve the Most Workplace Productivity

Work productivity is important for getting the most out of your company or nonprofit’s employees. Although you certainly do not want to overwork them, it’s important to provide the right type of environment for your employees to be able to stay focused on the task at hand. Some offices or work spaces are not the…

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Top 3 Business Trends of 2016

2017 is so close we can almost smell it, and with the new year also comes the start of new business trends. But before we can predict the future, let’s revisit what we’ve been seeing in terms of this year’s company and nonprofit trends. Because, to know where we’re going, we have to understand where…

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How B Corps are Using Business for Good

B Corporations are for-profit organizations “using business as a force for good.” When it comes to finding businesses you can trust, B Corps head the pack. That’s because they are certified and required to contribute to the solution for social and environmental problems. Therefore, partnering with a B Corp will also help you become more…

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