How to Go Green and Mean It: Advanced Strategies for Making Your Business Green in 2019

Updated on May 7th, 2019 You’ve already replaced your light bulbs, turned off your computer, and have even offered public transportation incentives to your employees. Your company is no stranger to going green, but you’re ready to take sustainability to the next level with more long-term, bigger investments. The upfront work to kick-off a larger…

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10 Years of Giving Back: A Look at BetterWorld’s Charity Work

BetterWorld Telecom (BWT) has been dedicated to being America’s leading B2B, full-service, sustainable communications provider since 2003. In fact, as a B Corporation, improving the environment and our communities is one of our top priorities. 

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The Case for Buying Used Technology

People often dismiss refurbishment when it comes to technology. Everyone seeks the latest and greatest tech products. Many people fear that refurbished hardware isn’t as reliable as a brand new product. However, refurbished technology has many environmental benefits. In fact, in some cases it can be even more efficient than recycling. TechSoup notes that it…

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Using Tech at Work to Be More Sustainable

As a certified B Corporation, it’s important to us as an organization to continue to find new and innovative ways to improve. Being a sustainable organization means continuing to lessen our environmental impact while still providing meaningful and useful services. How can you make a difference in your office?

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Paperless, sustainable business tips

Tools for Going Paperless

Whether your business or nonprofit is already partially paperless or is only at the beginning of your journey to becoming paper-free, there are tools that can help with the transition. Sustainable businesses are more productive and are better for our world, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to implement sustainable initiatives. Without the right tools…

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Green Supply Chain

The Benefits of a Green Supply Chain

Having a sustainable business isn’t just about being conscious of your internal sustainability efforts. You also need to be conscientious of the efforts of the partners in your supply chain. Your business or nonprofit gets to decide which businesses make the cut, and which don’t. That means if a company’s green efforts aren’t up to…

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How to Make a Sustainability Report

Any business that is dedicated to sustainability should consider showcasing its efforts with a sustainability report. According to Global Reporting Initiative, “A sustainability report is a report published by a company or organization about the economic, environmental and social impacts caused by its everyday activities. A sustainability report also presents the organization’s values and governance…

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Creating a Sustainable Device Plan

Old cell phones — — everyone has them — but most people don’t know what to do with them. Sustainability is not only environmentally responsible, it is also fiscally responsible! Has your business or nonprofit considered implementing a sustainable device plan? If so, your workplace can create a plan to continue your sustainability efforts and…

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How to Host a Sustainable Work Party

Office parties can be a great way to boost office morale at your company or organization. However, these parties can be consequential to our environment when we have fun in ways that aren’t sustainable. The next time a special occasion is right around the corner at your office, use these tips to make your work…

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Why Non-Profits Should Use Sustainable Companies

Non-profits benefit immensely when they partner up with BetterWorld Telecom, and that’s because our business practices are the perfect fit for non-profits. We set high standards for ourselves, so we can go above and beyond for our customers and our community as a whole. Take a look at a couple of the reasons your non-profit’s...

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Tips for Fostering a Sustainable Workplace

“What exemplifies a sustainable workplace?” We argue this is one of the most important questions every business owner should ask themselves, no matter what life stage their business is, because the question inherently defines a company’s culture. Sustainability in the workplace has a multitude of layers, focusing on both environmental practices and personal well-being of…

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