Mainstream vs. Boutique Tech Providers


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When it comes to providing technology solutions, mainstream providers may seem like the only options available for your nonprofit or business. Because both companies and organizations alike rely on Internet and telecommunications to function, they can feel trapped with their providers due to long-term contracts or lack of choices. If your company or nonprofit is being taken advantage of by a mainstream provider, it can feel like you have no other options, but not all hope is lost. Take a look at the differences between boutique and mainstream providers and why boutique providers such as BetterWorld Telecom can save you from switching from one expensive mainstream provider to the next.

Mainstream Providers

Mainstream providers are notorious for hooking you in with deals that are good for you now, but bad for you later. When you get a promotional rate, it may seem like a great deal until the promotional period expires and you’re still under contract. When this happens, you have no other option but to pay full price, which can sometimes be much more than you’re ready to afford. Additionally, mainstream providers try to make you think that they are the only option, when this isn’t a true reflection of the market.

Boutique Providers

After dealing with mainstream providers, boutique tech companies can feel like sanctuaries to nonprofits and businesses that have been under their grasp for years or even decades. But beware, because even some so-called boutique provides may offer a special offer or promotion, though in the long run, you still may end up paying much more than with a more experienced smaller provider. In fact, BetterWorld Telecom saves your business an average of 13% over the competition and that’s just the start.

Beyond just the numbers, small businesses care more about their customers more than their bigger competitors. Forbes describes this when saying, “Customer service is more personalized, hands-on and noteworthy from smaller businesses.” At the end of the day, you will receive better service at a better price when you partner with a boutique provider.  

If you’re thinking about cutting ties with your mainstream tech provider, let us help. Learn about our mission and how we align best with companies and nonprofits alike.

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