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Mobile Device Management

Protect Your Employees On the Go

Today, employees are bringing their own devices to their workplaces and connecting to secure corporate networks. While employees enjoy the flexibility and ease this offers, employers also appreciate the added benefits of increased efficiency with lower equipment costs.

However, with this trend comes a set of new considerations for security, connectivity, privacy and management.

Protecting and managing all work-sensitive information on employee mobile phones is a necessity. Luckily, it's simple with Mobile Device Management by BetterWorld.

Mobile Device Management

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

Simplify management of smartphones and tablets while effectively centralizing policy and control across multiple platforms.

Strengthen control and compliance across all employees' devices.

Interactive dashboard with real-time reporting for all devices.

Our rapid enrollment process for new devices reduces total setup time.

Our Mobile Device Management Solution

BetterWorld provides a complete solution to protect the mobile devices of today - and tomorrow.

  • Hardware & Application inventory
  • OS configuration management
  • Mobile app deployment, updating and removal
  • Mobile app configuration and policy management
  • Remote view and control for troubleshooting
  • Execute remote actions, such as remote wipe
  • Mobile content management
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