Our Solutions

Flexible Networking Options

Ethernet Solutions

Our broad portfolio of Ethernet Services provides simple, cost-effective ways to connect business locations and deliver business apps, data and information. By applying our expertise, your traffic can flow seamlessly over your Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) with the performance, flexibility, and reliability that your business requires.

Simplify network management: Unify your LAN and WAN

Connect to more locations with the extensive BetterWorld network footprint and multiple access options

Increase performance: Accelerate speed of applications and data with strong customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Gain scalability: Easily increase bandwidth as your needs grow, with options ranging from 3 Mbps to 100 Gbps

Private Line

Whether you need to securely and reliably transport information among locations and quickly exchange time-sensitive information with customers, or converge multiple types of bandwidth-intensive traffic on a single connection, BetterWorld Telecom can provide the network transport solution that is right for you.  Securely transmit time-sensitive and business-critical applications among your locations using high-capacity, low-latency private line and wavelength services.

Speed the transmission of near real-time, business-critical applications without interruption

Securely transport sensitive and private information across your network

Converge multiple types of bandwidth-intensive traffic on a single connection

Leverage the broad nationwide and metro coverage of one of the largest and most advanced IP networks in the U.S.

Support multiple configurations, types of traffic, and signaling protocols

Choose from scalable bandwidth options including fiber optics, Ethernet, SONET/STS, SDH/STM, and wavelength circuit types

Get the most cost-effective solution to meet your specific latency and diversity requirements


Tap the power of the intelligent Wide Area Network (WAN) to simplify network management, lower operating costs, and improve performance of applications including cloud PBX services and Internet-based phone systems.

Securely connect local, national or international locations using one service

Improve performance of cloud resources – through a direct connection

Reduce network costs by converging previously separate connections for voice, video and data

Enjoy high performance of applications using robust Classes of Service and optional Applications Performance Management

Maximize bandwidth on-demand, with no need to pre-schedule bandwidth bursting in advance

Gain peace of mind and continuous uptime through optional Hosted Security and 4G Wireless Backup features

Free up IT resources with optional managed services that allow you to devote more time to your core business

Connect remote employees easily accommodate network access for increasingly mobile personnel