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SIP Trunking

Advance Productivity, Capitalize on Economic Benefits, and Streamline Communications with our SIP Trunking Solution

With BetterWorld's SIP trunking you can seamlessly and affordably transition to a cloud-based voice service without replacing their legacy PBX.  So you won’t lose your investment in digital phones while you take advantage of the economic and productivity advantages of converged IP communications. You can leverage your Internet connection to simultaneously serve both your web and voice needs by implementing BetterWorld’s SIP Trunking using your existing PBX.


SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking provides access to DIDs (direct inward dialing) nationwide — and can also lower your long-distance bills and other related fees and taxes.

Our advanced calling features and services include:

Purchase a limited number of lines to match your communications costs closely to your actual business needs

Consolidate your data/voice bills

Lower expensive phone bills due to long-distance calls and the taxes that go with them

Use existing PBX and phone equipment

Leverage your existing Internet connection for both Internet and voice

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