Using Tech at Work to Be More Sustainable

Image courtesy of Pixabay

As a certified B Corporation, it’s important to us as an organization to continue to find new and innovative ways to improve. Being a sustainable organization means continuing to lessen our environmental impact while still providing meaningful and useful services. How can you make a difference in your office?

1. The 3 R’s

Reduce, reuse, recycle — three simple words that can have a huge impact on the environment. Start off by reducing the amount of resources you use. When you have to print out documents, print on both sides of the page. This will half the number of pages you use, reducing the amount of waste created.

Do you take a lot of notes in meetings? We bet you’ll be able to find scrap paper from accidental printings or prints that ran out of ink halfway through. Grab a stack of those to keep at your desk and take notes there instead of on a brand new notepad.

All of those notes you’ve taken, where do they go when you no longer need them? Make sure there are recycling bins in every room. They should be just as accessible as trash cans. It’s much easier to just throw paper into the trash can when you have to get up and walk across the floor to get to the nearest recycling bin; Or, you can take all of this to the next step and just digitize your notes. Use a tablet or an app like Evernote to take notes. It’s 2017; get with the times!

2. Lighting

When not in a room, turn the light off. That seems simple, but you’d be surprised at how often lights are left on to illuminate a room with no occupants. If you’re not confident in your company’s ability to turn off lights when leaving a room, consider motion-activated lights. According to the Department of Energy, sensored lights can cut energy waste by up to 30%.

3. Digital Commuting

In-person meetings, while great for feeling connected to the client, aren’t always necessary. You can have a face-to-face meeting with a client without being face to face. All you need is BetterWorld’s suite of conferencing services to connect you. See your business partners and clients right in front of you as you sit in the comfort of your own office. Cut out travel, excessive printouts, and unnecessary luncheons, with one simple change. (You can also read here to learn how to overcome 8 conference call stumbling blocks.)

BetterWorld has one simple goal: to make the world a better place! Following these tips will lead your organization into a more sustainable future. For more information on BetterWorld’s technology solutions, head here.

What’s your best sustainability tip that helps keep your business green? Let us know in the comments!